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Escapades Return

April 26, 2012

Since we are back in Acworth and getting a garden going, I thought it would be nice to resurrect this blog. No promises!

We moved in last July, and though I did put some seeds in the ground, by the time we had the plot weedwhacked, turned and planted it was really too late for them to do much. We got a few tiny turnips. 

So this is the first real garden at the parsonage.


Garlic planted last fall.


Some lettuce and greens mix have been planted on the right, but nothing else yet. The beds in the background still need some TLC.

The big project, that had been intimidating me ever since we moved in, was the raised garden enclosed by stone wall. Its beautiful and in the sunniest part of the yard, but it was overgrown with tall weeds. I didn’t do anything with it, and this spring they were dead, dried up and, actually, pretty easily raked off. But there were a few still growing with some nasty devil roots. I don’t think they were burdock, but most of them I had to dig around with a trowel almost a foot deep, and they still gave me a difficult time pulling them out. I saved a few specimens as trophies.

Today I measured, fertilized, manured and dug the beds. I have 200 sq feet of garden space here, 400 overall, which is not too bad. The final product:



Can’t wait to see this full of lovely vibrant veggies!


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