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August 14, 2009

You may be wondering, “What are those Eatons up to? Aren’t they doing any escapading these days?”

Well, my friend, the answer is that we have been busy! Last Friday and Saturday evening were the two nights of the play. That went until almost 11 each night, and then on Saturday night we were at the cast party until 1. On Saturday afternoon, also, we played our first paid gig. An accomplished Irish flute player we have been playing and going to sessions with had friends of the family getting married, and the three of us played for their ceremony and cocktail hour. It was a bit intimidating to have to get about 2 hours of music ready — it helped that Grant and I eached played some tunes on our own, so we both got breaks. Joel didn’t, though. It was great experience as a musician to have to practice in that way. I hope we can get some more gigs in the future.

This and next week Joel is between jobs, so he has been busy stacking wood and mowing the yard, since it has finally dried out. (I think there is about nine hours’ worth of mowing around here? Something like that. A lot.) I have been trying to keep up with the zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, and beans, and also with the blight on the tomatoes. It seems that demand is increasing for my bread, so I am excited about that. Also, I just sent an email to a couple Weston Price foundation chapter leaders around here, who will hopefully be able to connect my bread with a few more people.


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