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And the harvest begins!

August 4, 2009
Credit for this absolutely beautiful photograph, despite its subject matter, goes to Joel.

Credit for this absolutely beautiful photograph, despite its subject matter, goes to Joel.

Completely unconcerned (except for the potatoes) by the presence of late, or early, or right-on-time blight on the tomatoes, all the other plants are happily producing fruit and vegetables for us to eat.


The blueberries and raspberries were enjoyed atop locally made Maple Walnut icecream. I am sorry that those who planted and tended these bushes are not here to enjoy the berries, but we are certainly reaping the fruits of their labor. (I mean, literally. Like, even if we didn’t eat or enjoy them.)

I also made a blueberry pie, but since the blueberries for that came from a different farm, I didn’t feel it deserved a picture on the blog. (Also, I just didn’t think of taking one and I don’t feel like getting up to take one now, either.)

I had separated some yogurt into cream cheese (not curds) and whey last week in preparation, and today the lacto-fermenting began in earnest. I made a jar of dill pickle chips with some fresh dill flowers from the garden, and some beet kvass, which is a traditional eastern European/Russian drink. Right now the lactobaccilus bacteria are doing their thing and on Thursday morning both will go into the refrigerator. I have had mixed success with lacto-fermented vegetables. Dill pickles are one thing that have turned out to my liking in the past, so I have high hopes for those. As for the beet kvass, I am not entirely confident that I will like it even if it is successful, but it’s supposed to do wonders for your health. Its very pretty, anyway.


This morning I spied a good-sized zucchini in the garden, threatening to get bigger. Fortunately, I have adapted my sourdough blueberry muffin recipe to zucchini bread. Bring it on, zucchini. I’m ready for ya.

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  1. liz franks permalink
    August 5, 2009 6:17 am

    We made dill pickles here too! I have yet to try one since I couldn’t handle a warm pickle. You’ll have to let us know how you like the beet kvass.

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