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June 20, 2009

The newest Eaton escapade is a Californian one.  We arrived at the San Francisco International airport at 12:15, Thursday morning (Wed. night).  My brother, Dan, met us and we went back to his place over in Lafayette.  Later on into Thursday morning (after a little bit of sleep) we went hiking on nearby Mount Diablo.  Here are some pictures from that trip.  Rachelle is with our niece, Kiley, and that’s me and our nephew Noah giving dramatic poses.


The hills here are golden and dotted with dark green trees.  Mount Diablo rises above this sort of landscape with large sandstone rock formations that have weathered here and there to form caves.  We enjoyed climbing into these with the little ones.  San Francisco and the beach at Pescadero are in the plans.

I started work at Camp Good News as the Maintenance Assistant, the Wednesday before last.  So far it has had me weed wacking, stacking wood, pounding nails, rescreening windows, and installing bulbs.  Lots of good manual labor.  It’s a part of the camp I’ve not seen before, having only ever worked as counselor and in program.  I think I will enjoy it; I’m definitely learning a lot.  We’ve been missing our Columbia friends a good deal, as we come into contact with very few people our age throughout our weekly doings.  We did however have a nice visit with old friends, Ben and Jen as they passed through on their way to Prince Edward Island.  We built a campfire and played music and talked in the cooler New Hampshire summer night.  I’d put a picture up, but I’m on my brother’s computer.  So, Columbia friends, if you want a nice quiet vacation any time soon- there’s plenty of room and the weather is lovely – so come on up.


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