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New England Coast

May 26, 2009

This past weekend we went to the New Hampshire beach. It was the first time for me, but the umpteenth time for Joel whose family has had a tradition of spending Memorial day at a cabin with friends. The weather was chilly and cloudy most of the time, which made for very cozy fires in the fireplace and cups of tea.

The only thing we took pictures of was our trip up to Maine to see the Nubble Lighthouse. You can’t go inside or even get onto the island, but looking at it from the mainland was perhaps more intriguing. Something about the style, colors, and arrangement of the buildings on the island was quite surreal to me. Maybe it was the proportions of the house making it seem like a dollhouse, or the starkness of the contrasts between the blocks of color, with nothing but sky in the background and none of the details and texture that usually fill our visual landscape. I doubt the effect will transfer to the screen, but you can tell me what you think.


Here’s some perspective on the distance to the island. Also you can see the transportation system from the mainland to the island. There’s a little tram on the far left of the picture.




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