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May 23, 2009

Rachelle and I began our day tending to the needs of the backyard birds.  During the winter, they are kept in the barn but during the summer they are kept in movable pens called “tractors” which serve the purpose of letting the chickens graze and while doing so scratch up the soil and fertilize it.  These pens are moved around to fertilize a controlled area which will become garden beds in a future growing season.

Each day Rachelle and I will move each pen to a fresh section of grass and then pour grain feed in through the wire on the top of the pens.  Once the chickens are distracted by the feed, we open the door and grab their water container and, after emptying its contents, fill it with water which we have drawn from the well and carried out in watering cans.

Later, just before winding down for the evening, we’ll return to gather eggs – they’ve lately averaged around 15 a day.  The eggs which we gather from the pen with the rooster in it we will take to the turkeys because the mother turkey loves to sit on eggs.  So, maybe we’ll get some little chicks this summer.

We’ve had a week full of hard work but we’re going to take a break and visit friends over at the New Hampshire beach.  We’ll head over there tomorrow and return Monday afternoon.  My parents will be in Puerto Rico so we’ll be on our own taking care of the chickens and garden.

I don’t think Rachelle and I have ever slept better than we have this week.  The work has been tiresome but quite fulfilling.  I learned how to plaster today as I helped the construction guys Steve and William finish up the work on the store where we will sell produce over the summer.  It’s been a very fruitful week.


watering the turkeys

watering the turkeys

Feeding the chickens

Feeding the chickens




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