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Wild Animals

May 20, 2009

A bird feeder hangs on a small tree outside the kitchen window next to the breakfast table. So far we’ve seen American goldfinches, rose-breasted grosbeaks, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, mourning doves, blue jays, and what we think might be a song sparrow.

This morning, as I was going up to our apartment through the “back shed” (an attic- or barn-like unfinished storage area bigger than some people’s houses with several rooms, floors, doors and landings attached to the back of the house) I saw a little chickadee flying around a window on the upper floor, trying to get out. I took the screen out of the window, but of course scared the bird further back in the shed. It flew toward a screened skylight. Wrong way, little bird! Finally I got it to fly back to the open window, but it took it a little while to figure out that it could get out.

Then this afternoon, again in the backshed but on the ground floor, I saw a chipmunk! It scurried away into the room that is being finished for use as a little farm shop. I stood still watching it. It was a little smarter than the bird and knew how to find its way out. It moved toward the crack under the door in quick, jerky motions–I guess it thought it was less conspicuous that way than running?

Joel and I saw it in the back shed again later and it ran out and into a hole in the ground, where Joel said it must live.

To do list:

-Get sourdough going again

-Research sheep

-Move desk into office, unpack final boxes and set up craft space

-Take pictures for the blog


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