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In transit

May 20, 2009

We arrived finally at about 10 pm on Sunday night.  We began our weekend of moving on Friday morning with a McDonalds breakfast with friends on Gervais St.  We trucked the fully stuffed astro van at an average of 55 mph for fear that the mattress might fly off.

Early on we had to stop a few times to buy more rope and retie more rope.  It got so frustrating we even offered to sell it to a man who ran an antique shop in a rundown shack right off of an exit in South Carolina.  He didn’t buy it because he claimed he didn’t have any money for it on that day.  The Indian man who owned the gas station across from the man’s shack took interest in buying it off us, but after asking our price and pinching it in a few places, waved his hands and shook his head saying he didn’t want it.  So we decided to drop it off in North Carolina with Liz and Donald.  But once we got on the highway the mattress seemed stable as long as we kept our speed down, so we passed right through North Carolina on up through Virginia into Maryland where we spent the night at the Zipfs’ place. After the wedding on Saturday we returned to Maryland to spend the evening with the Zipfs before setting out for New Hampshire on Sunday.

We decided to take I-95 from Maryland up to I-91 in Connecticut and I-91 to rt. 5 in VT.  We thought it would be more direct and therefore faster; but we were sorely mistaken: 12 hours sore.  The trip from Maryland should and could have been 7/8 hours – the craziness of New York City and the NJ Turnpike added the extra 4 hours.  I guess 55 mph didn’t help much either.  All in all, our good spirits survived the drudgery of New York traffic and we slept like rocks in our new home – but not on our mattress, which has been subjected to two days worth of sun therapy to dry the wet spots it acquired on the road and to eliminate any trace of mildew.

We got to work right away on Monday, unpacking the van and beginning to settle into our new apartment.  After lunch, I joined my Dad out in the garden shoveling manure onto the beds and spreading rock phosphate to be tilled into the soil.  After we got the rototiller, we began to till the beds but the machine was not working well so we spent some time trying to fix it and eventually decided to put the work off for another day since it was already getting later on in the afternoon and the soil was still quite damp from the weekend rains.

Rachelle continued unpacking into today, seeking to bring order out of the chaos of our stuff – it’s almost there – the apartment is looking a lot more like home than our old duplex ever did.  Today I spent most of the day putting the doors on the cabinets in our kitchenette, a job which should be done tomorrow.

It feels good to be worn out at the end of the day.  All the energy is used up so sleep becomes the logical conclusion and delightful consummation of a day well worked.


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